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Professional Upholstery Cleaning Long Island

Freshen Up your Furniture with Upholstery Cleaning Services

Long Island Carpet Cleaners provides a top-quality, dependable upholstery cleaning treatment.

We work effectively and gently in all your upholstered furniture and leave you with a fresh clean place to rest.

Because your upholstery sees heavy, active traffic on a daily basis, dirt, stains, allergens, germs and other messes start to populate your comfy spaces.

These seemingly small messes make your upholstery look, feel and smell uncomfortable and unkempt.

Let our qualified upholstery cleaning team at Long Island Carpet Cleaners remove the messes and stresses trapped in your furniture.

Clear the Messes Before It's Too Late

Messes of all sizes and shapes not only affect the look and feel of your upholstery, they also lead to premature ageing and wear.

Untreated stains and spills permanently discolor the materials and fabrics, while dirt, allergens and germs cause tears, holes, fading and airborne illnesses.

Expertise, Top Care for your Upholstered Furniture

At Long Island Carpet Cleaners, we deeply clean your pieces without harming the original look or texture of your upholstery.

Our trained technicians know how to clean all types of fabrics, including micro-fiber, suede, cotton, leather and silk, individually. They give your upholstery fabric the personal, specific care it requires.

Our cleaning methods reach into the depths of your furniture removing all the messes trapped in the folds, crevices and seams.

While effectively removing the messes, our methods treat your upholstery gently and leave you with a quality clean that restores the original look and feel of the fabric.

Commitment to Green

Throughout our Long Island Carpet Cleaners upholstery cleaning service, we proudly use only all-natural, certified green products to clean your furniture.

The all-natural ingredients of these green cleaning products effectively convert all messes into free-rising, natural soaps. The soaps penetrate the affected area and clean out all problems before leaving you with a fresh, pure clean.

Our green products help us give you, your family and the environment a healthy living space.

So, when the dirt and stains in your furniture start to take over, call Long Island Carpet Cleaners for a professional, top-quality upholstery cleaning service.

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Lisa Fineburg, Hunters Point

You guys really delivered. My carpets look and smell so good. I would definitely use you again