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Professional Carpet Installation Long Island

Enjoy Extra Warmth, Style, Flare with Wall-to-Wall Carpeting

At suffolk Carpet Cleaners, we guide you through our comprehensive and affordable wall-to-wall carpet installation service in long island Area.

When you lay down a new carpet in your home, you enjoy a fresh sense of warmth and style with an added touch of sophistication and luxury. New carpeting transforms a house into your cozy, sacred space.

But no matter how fun and exciting new carpet feels, installing it represents a big investment of both time and money.

Selecting the right brand and texture that fits all your budget, style and performance needs takes careful consideration and thought.

Let our carpet experts at Long Island help guide you through the Carpet Installation process.

Attentive, Helpful, Friendly Service

We listen attentively to your needs and guide you through our comprehensive carpet installation service.

We work with you, step-by-step, to ensure your complete satisfaction until the very end. We work to ensure not only a beautiful installation, but also, your happiness.

Endless Options to Fit your Needs

At suffolk Carpet Cleaners we stock a wide variety of all carpet options. We carry all high end brands, textures and styles at affordable prices.

We stock a wide variety of colors and prints to match the existing style and ambiance in your home. We offer you the most choices of carpets at all price points to satisfy your budget.

Comprehensive Process, Proven Methods

When you choose us for your carpet installation, we give you expert service and quality results from start to finish.

Once you have selected your desired carpet, our skilled technicians then install your carpet using one of two effective methods: stretch and glue down.

The stretch method provides a strong bond that holds up well to heavy traffic. It also provides the most underfoot comfort (especially when installed with new carpet padding).

The glue down method uses industrial glue to create a tight, tough bond. This method keeps your carpet in place and holds up well to heavy traffic also.

So when you're ready for a beautiful change in your home, call us and start a professional, comprehensive carpet installation service.

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In the perfect world, all cleaning companies would be like you. I have great service, really friendly technicians and my entire home looks clean and smells great. Thanks again.