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Everyday Traffic Create Smelly Situations

The more traffic throughout your home, the more unpleasant odors pop up in your carpets, area rugs, and upholstery. These odors come from set-in stains, pet accidents, and constant mystery messes dragged indoors from family, friends, and pets. 

At Long Island Carpet Cleaners, we offer a complete and professional deodorizing treatment to get rid of the offensive odors for good. With over ten years of experience in odor busting, we come with the knowledge and skills to remove even the toughest odors completely. 

We leave your home feeling clean and, most importantly, smelling fresh for days to come. Trust our professional service and quality results. 

Complete Odor Elimination

Our team of expert technicians arrives at your home ready to work. They completely access the area and prepare your soiled and smelly item for a deep cleaning and deodorizing process. 

The secret to our successful process comes from our saturation and extraction method and professional cleaning products. Our industrial strength cleaning equipment extracts all loose particles from all layers of your carpets, rugs, and upholstery.

We apply strong, specialized cleaning products that penetrate deeply into the affected area to break down the odor causing stain at the molecular level. Our products first neutralize the odor and then wash away any other odor causing messes or bacteria.

Once completely clean, we apply an all-natural finishing spray to eliminate any lingering odors from the entire space. We leave your home and its furnishings with a deep clean and freshness that will restore the beauty of your space.

If embarrassing and offensive, unpleasant odors start to populate your home, call our expert team for a local and professional deodorizing treatment from Long Island Carpet Cleaners.

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Daniel Serrota, Atlantic Beach

You guys did a great job. You lived up to your promises; my house looks and smells great. Thanks so much.