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Put A Stop to Carpet Damages

At Long Island Carpet Cleaner, we perform full-service carpet repairs that fix both minor and server damages in your home carpeting. Our repairs come with the experience and knowledge from our technicians and a complete satisfaction guarantee. 

We work in your home, precisely and diligently, to leave you with the best possible results for our repair services. We work to restore the safety and strength of your carpets, as well as the beautiful look. 

More Use Means More Abuse

Carpets, like most heavily used items in your home, gradually start to wear down and damage. The weaker your carpet grows, the more likely small problems develop into serious damages.

Excess dirt, dust and allergens, along with set-in stains and other germs, contribute to the degradation of your carpet. Once small problems, these issues develop into serious tearing, holes, fading and discoloration.

World of Choices

At Long Island Carpet Cleaner, our expert team works with only premium materials and performs a mix of traditional and modern techniques to deliver a strong, undetectable results. 

We provide the following repair services for your carpet: 




Color Restoration 


And more

We work not only to repair damages, but to increase the longevity and integrity of your carpet. We breathe a renewed look, texture and performance into your once damages carpeting.

So when you need a professional carpet repair service in Long Island, call us today. We start your repair service with a free, at-home and no-obligation estimate.

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Daniel Serrota, Atlantic Beach

You guys did a great job. You lived up to your promises; my house looks and smells great. Thanks so much.