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Our rug cleaning service gives you the complete, professional clean you need for your fine area rugs. We know that your area rug means more than just a simple floor covering.

Your area rug comes from a special region with intricate detailing that tells a historical tale. These special details make your rug a monetary and sentimental treasure.

But, like all things in life, your fine area rug requires regular cleaning and maintenance to keep it in its best possible condition.

Time takes a toll on your rug and can leave it looking old, tired and worn from dirt, stains and other messes.

When it comes time for a professional rug cleaning treatment, call our expert team at Long Island Carpet Cleaners. We clean your rug with the care, attention and love it deserves.

Dangers Facing your Precious Treasure

Excess dirt, stains, spills, allergens, germs and other environmental threats cause your precious rug to decline at a fast rate.

Dirt, allergens and germs, if left in the rug for too long, start to break down the fibers and binding of your rug. This leads to premature tearing, holes and fading. Other messes, like stains and spills, discolor the rug and remove its natural, original beauty.

These messes and threats, if left untreated, completely destroy your precious pieces.

At Long Island Carpet Cleaners, we help protect your rug with an expert quality rug cleaning service.

Experienced Experts, Healthy Green Products

We hire only trained and experienced expert rug cleaning technicians. These experts perform a traditional cleaning service that removes 100% of messes and threats polluting your area rug.

We start with a thorough examination of your rug. This helps us determine the damage of the affected areas before proceeding with the proper and most appropriate cleaning method.

Once determined, we clean your rug with all-natural, non-toxic green products.

Our special green cleaning products aggressively fight off dirt, stains and other messes. They eliminate all messes without harming the natural texture of your rug or the health of your family and our environment.

When we finish your professional rug cleaning service, you will enjoy a renewed clean and brilliance of your treasured piece.

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Daniel Serrota, Atlantic Beach

You guys did a great job. You lived up to your promises; my house looks and smells great. Thanks so much.