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Professional Odor & Stain Removal Long Island

Refresh Your Stained, Smelly Spots

At Long Island Carpet Cleaner, we offer a full-service odor and stain removal treatment to clear and refresh your home completely.

Your carpets, area rugs and upholstery see heavy, rolling action that bring about mysteries from shoes, feet and paws. These mysteries can turn your fresh home into something resembling a zoo.

Let us remove all the unpleasant odors and stains with a professional, total cleaning service.

With over 15 years experience in the industry, we know what it takes to remove even the toughest, most set-it stains and unpleasant, offensive odors.

Top Odor and Stain Offenders

Pet accidents account for the majority of tough stains and odors in your home. The ammonia found in urine and feces eat through carpet, rug and upholstery materials.

They leave obvious bright yellow stains and lingering foul smells.

Other offending odors and stains come from dirt and messes brought in on shoes. The excess dirt gets trapped deep in fibers and knots.

The visible damage, if left alone, leads to premature tearing, holes, fading and discoloration. And the resulting odors cause unpleasant airs and embarrassing situations.

Tough Method for Fresh, Restored Home

We offer you a professional service that completely removes all odors and stains for good. Our technicians use industrial equipment and methods that target the sources of the stains.

They penetrate deeply into your carpets, rugs and upholstery and extract the stain causing dirt and messes.

While we clean the stains, we use a saturation method that neutralizes all foul odors. These methods extract all stains and completely eliminate all odors.

We leave you with a clean, fresh home you will love.

Safe, Healthy Green Products

Throughout our entire process, Long Island Carpet Cleaners cleans your home with only certified green, non-toxic cleaning products.

These green products clean the messes with all-natural ingredients that remove stains, dirt and smells without threatening the health and safety of your home or the environment.

We give you a pure, healthy clean for your home that lasts for days.

So when you have an offensive odor and embarrassing stain in your carpet, area rugs and upholstery, call Long Island Carpet Cleaners for a professional odor and stain removal service.

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Daniel Serrota, Atlantic Beach

You guys did a great job. You lived up to your promises; my house looks and smells great. Thanks so much.