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Professional Scotchguard Application Long Island

We Are Messy, Unfortunately

At Long Island Carpet Cleaners, we take the long-lasting cleanliness of your home seriously by offering you a professional Scotchguard application service.

As humans, we make messes more often than we all like. So much so, that sometimes it feels we can't avoid the stains, spills and other messes that litter our carpets, rugs and upholstery.

Serious Mess, Stain Solution

Since we can't avoid the spills and messes, we offer you a protection against permanent staining that also makes regular cleaning easier.

When you use Scotchguard, its fiber and material protection keeps your entire house cleaner for longer than even traditional cleaning services.

If you want to experience the benefits of Scotchguard, call our team of technicians at Long Island Carpet Cleaners.

Scotchguard Repels All Threats

When applied professionally to your carpets, area rug and upholstery, Scotchguard protection forms an invisible shield that covers all fibers and materials down to the padding and filling.

This shield repels all threatening liquid spills from absorbing and spreading. It keeps the spills on the surface of your carpets, rugs and upholstery which makes easy blotting for fast clean-up.

Scotchguard also helps to make regular vacuuming easier and quicker. Just like it repels threatening liquids, it prevents dirt and allergens from attaching and setting into your floor covering and furniture.

It also leaves dirt and other dry messes on the surface making routine vacuuming twice as fast.

Help Your Professional Cleaning Last

Scotchguard also protects your home after any professional cleaning service. It locks in the clean, so you can live cleaner and healthier for longer.

So after your next professional carpet cleaning, rug cleaning or upholstery cleaning service from Long Island Carpet Cleaners, ask your friendly, experienced technician to apply your Scotchguard protection.

It might be the most beneficial and rewarding decision you make all day.

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Lisa Fineburg, Hunters Point

You guys really delivered. My carpets look and smell so good. I would definitely use you again