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At Long Island Carpet Cleaners, we offer a professional, complete mattress cleaning service. Most bed owners never realize that they are not alone in bed.

Bacteria, bugs and pests make permanent homes deep inside of your mattress and cause a nightmare of problems.

Let the trained and experienced team of technicians at Long Island Carpet Cleaner rescue your bed with our special mattress cleaning treatment.

Dangers Hiding in your Bed

Believe it or not, bug bugs are not a problem of the past or a myth of nursery rhymes. Bed bugs live in your mattress and bed frames and, at night, feast on your wrists, ankles and legs.

They make large, stable nests and spread easily to other parts of your home including upholstery and other furniture.

Dust mites also make comfortable homes in your bed. Dust mites multiply quickly and easily in any stable, habitable human-created environment.

They feed off your shed, dead skin cells and leave behind harmful feces. A dust mite inhabitation causes health problems for your entire family, especially for allergy and asthma sufferers.

Completely Healthy, Clean Process

Our mattress cleaning service successfully removes all messes and pests from your mattress.

Our trained technicians use specialized machinery to penetrate into the depths of your mattress. We use a series of full saturation and extractions to eliminate the bacteria, messes and little pests.

We use only healthy, green products to clean your mattress. Our special products feature ingredients found only in nature.

These gentle ingredients aggressively remove all messes, stains, dirt and pests without harming the health of your family, home or environment.

So when you're ready to kick the unwanted, mess-making pests out of your bed, call the professionals at Long Island Carpet Cleaners for a fresh, healthy mattress cleaning service.

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In the perfect world, all cleaning companies would be like you. I have great service, really friendly technicians and my entire home looks clean and smells great. Thanks again.