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Do you have an annoying, frustrating stain on your carpets, rug and upholstered furniture? Try our do-it-yourself tips to fight them off.

  • Just Spilled? Start cleaning fast. Act fast after a spill of any kind. Most stains can be treated and removed if you act immediately. If not, you risk permanent damage.
  • Blot when wet. If you have a wet spot in your carpet, area rug or upholstery do not rub it. We recommend that you blot it. Rubbing causes a wet spot to spread. If you have a dry spill, vacuum away the excess dirt before dampening the area.
  • Pour some club soda on it. No need to cry over spilled wine or dark juice on your carpet, rug or upholstery. Just use some club soda as it generally removes most dark red stains.
  • Choose gentle cleansers. When using store bought, cleaning solutions always begin with the gentlest solution available. After cleaning the area, you want to neutralize the area with high alkaline or high acid cleansers. Finish by rinsing the area completely. Left-over cleaning products tend to attract more soil.
  • Test fist, clean later. Before attempting to clean stains yourself, definitely test a patch to see how the cleaning solution reacts. Certain types of cleaners may be too harsh which causes loss of color and/or texture.
  • Scrape out the stains. Do not attempt dig or brush stains in your carpet or area rugs. Try gently scraping the stain towards the middle of the area .Then dampen it with a white towel or cloth. Leave the area to dry, untouched, overnight.
  • Be patient and let dry 100%. Before judging the outcome of your spot removal, wait for the area to dry completely. Then you can attempt another treatment.
  • Prevent future problems by vacuuming more. Did you know that embedded dirt causes most of the premature damage and fading of your carpet? Reduce your risk by not only vacuuming more often, but also, as thoroughly and effectively as possible.
  • Look for answers. Need more advice or further help? Try researching different cleansers and disinfectants before choosing a store bought solution.
  • Ask for help. If the stain and spot still remains on your carpet, rug or upholstery after your DIY attempt, get serious and call a professional carpet cleaning company. Our expert technicians at Long Island Carpet Cleaners thoroughly and quickly get rid of the problem.

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