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Long Island Carpet Cleaners keeps all the rooms of your house clean and safe with our wide menu of cleaning services including a tile and grout cleaning service.

No matter where you have tile and grout in your home, we offer a safe and complete cleaning solution that clears away all stains, messes and, even, mold.

Let our team of trained, professional technicians clean your affected area with our specialized tile and grout cleaning service.

Dangers of Moldy, Dirty Tile and Grout

As a holey and porous material, grout easily attracts and stores messes like dirt, mold, mildew, stains and germs deep in its grooves. These messes multiply and spread throughout your entire tiled area making your home look dirty and unkempt.

Also, if you leave these stains and messes untreated in your tile and grout, they develop into permanent problems.

These permanent problems lead to dangerous bacteria and mold. These issues pose threats to the health and safety of your family. They lead to airborne illnesses and severe reactions from allergy suffers and asthmatics.

Proven Stain Removing Methods, Safe Green Products

Don't leave the aesthetic value or the safety of your family at the mercy of dirty grout. Call us for a professional and affordable tile and grout cleaning service. 

We use all-natural, certified green products to clean your messy, stained grout. Our special green products effectively remove all dirt and stains while eliminating bacteria and mold.

They leave you with a completely fresh and pure clean your family and the environment will love.

So when you start to notice stains and messes spreading between your tiles, call Long Island Carpet Cleaners for a professional tile and grout cleaning service.

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Hailey Tills, Lindenhurst

In the perfect world, all cleaning companies would be like you. I have great service, really friendly technicians and my entire home looks clean and smells great. Thanks again.