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Flood & Water Damage Restoration

Professional Flood and Water Damage Restoration Long Island 

Water Emergency? Call the Trusted Response Team

After you experience a water emergency of any kind, call our trained, professional Flood & Water Damage Restoration team. Water emergencies, of any size or shape, cause serious problems to both the health and look of your entire home.

Let Long Island Carpet Cleaners help restore the health and safety of your family with our professional flood and water damage restoration service.

Full Service, Quick Professional Care

When you choose us for your flood and water damage restoration treatment you receive 24/7 emergency response service, quick dispatch of our trained technicians, careful, attentive work and a complete, proper clean.

Our friendly and patient trained technicians get to work immediately in your home and work with you throughout the entire process. We work to not only restore the health and safety at home, but also, to remove the stress and anxiety surrounding a water emergency.

Don't Let the Dangers Accumulate

Standing water and excess moisture in your home leads to an outbreak of mold and its spores and other bacteria and viruses.

These germs result in airborne illnesses and server reactions from asthma and allergies suffers. They can disrupt your regular immune system and cause upper respiratory illnesses.

From our many years of industry experience, we also know that water emergencies cause more than just problems for your health.

Water permanently damages carpets, rug, upholstery, wood, dry wall, and padding found throughout your home. Theses damages go far beyond simple water stains, they actually cause a break down of all strong fibers and materials.

Step-by-Step Journey to a Clean, Healthy Home

When you choose us for your flood and water damage restoration, you receive a comprehensive cleaning service that clears all water and problem areas.

Our team of technicians starts the process with a thorough evaluation of the water affected area. This helps us determine and identify all problem areas complete.

We then remove all standing water and apply industrial, specialized fans to dry the area. Once completely dry, we clean and disinfect the entire area using certified green, non-toxic cleaning products.

Our green products remove all stains and messes using only natural, safe ingredients. They kill mold, bacteria and viruses and even prevent them from returning.

When we finish your flood and water damage restoration, you can go back to enjoying a safe, clean and healthy home. Call Long Island Carpet Cleaners today to start your restoration journey.

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In the perfect world, all cleaning companies would be like you. I have great service, really friendly technicians and my entire home looks clean and smells great. Thanks again.