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Leather Cleaning

Keep Your Furniture Beautiful

At Long Island Carpet Cleaners, we offer you a full-service leather cleaning treatment that both cleans and protects your beautiful furniture.

Leather furniture adds style, beauty and ambiance to a home. Because of its special qualities and high monetary value, leather requires professional care to ward against unnecessary damages.

Exposure, Use Lead to Serious Problems

Damages to your leather furniture come from various sources including heavy traffic by people and pets, over exposure to heat and sunlight and other environmental forces. 

All these threats create serious consequences for your classic furniture including cracks, blistering, dryness and flaking. These damages ruin the look and quality of your piece.

Let our team of local leather cleaning Long Island experts treat you and your furniture to a high quality clean.

Professional Process for Highest Quality

Our cleaning process starts with an inspection of your leather furniture. We carefully examine all parts of your leather to fin messes and damages. We then work with you to design the correct cleaning method. 

We deeply clean your leather using our gentle, yet highly effective, green cleaning products. The lack of harsh chemicals and solvents creates a healthy, safe clean for your family and cleans your furniture without causing irritation to the natural fibers.

When we finish the cleaning process, we then apply our protective, moisturizing conditioners to your piece. These absorb quickly and leave you with a protective barrier against future stains and spills, a soft, supple feel and a beautiful sheen.

So when your naturally upholstered pieces start to look and feel dirty and worn, call us for a complete, professional leather cleaning service.

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Lisa Fineburg, Hunters Point

You guys really delivered. My carpets look and smell so good. I would definitely use you again