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Small Steps for a Big, Green Future

At Long Island Carpet Cleaners we commit ourselves to organic cleaning practices to conserve and protect the health in and out of your home.

We work hard to ensure a green clean in your home that pleases both you and Mother Nature. We refuse to use chemical-based cleaning products or machines that overuse our limited, precious natural resources.

We believe in building a definite and healthy future and we start with following strict organic cleaning practices.

Meet our Green Team

In order to give you the best possible green clean, we created a Go Green Team responsible for organic cleaning research.

Our team helped us completely replace traditional cleaning products with green products. They also helped us replace old, wasteful machines with energy-efficient equipment.

These two seemingly small steps help us make a giant green leap into a cleaner, safer future.

Green Clean Without Compromise

Our special line of green cleaning products comes with seals of approval from the EPA and other environmental regulatory agencies. These agencies measure the quality of the ingredients and determine whether or not they qualify for green certification.

Our green cleaning products feature 90% all-natural ingredients. This means that we fight dirt, dust, allergens and other messes with gentle, yet effective, solutions that protect and promote overall health.

New Equipment Equals Efficiency, Quality Results

Our new, updated equipment help us conserve both water and electricity. They use considerably less natural resources to perform exceptional cleaning services.

We use these machines in all our professional cleaning services to follow organic cleaning practices. We help your household and the planet at the same time.

So when you book any cleaning service with Long Island Carpet Cleaners, you help save and protect a greener and cleaner future. Our organic cleaning practices ensure health and safety across the broad.

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Lisa Fineburg, Hunters Point

You guys really delivered. My carpets look and smell so good. I would definitely use you again